Campus Life

Campus Life2020-06-19T17:00:25+08:00

The daily life of Kuandu is full of artistic scents. Strolling on the prairie, enjoy some peaceful and quiet time with cattles. There are always surprises around the corner, embrace them as they are the inspiration life is giving you.

Overlooking the beautiful Kuandu Plain, the building along the slope of TNUA is a school building designed by the famous architect Lee Chu-Yuan. The combination of red brick, gray wall, and black tile roof with decorative stripes and clock tower became TNUA campus imagery. The comfortable natural environment , the installation art works everywhere, the humanistic shops scattered on the hillside, the sports field, and the walking trails that provide relaxation are all the good things can be shared with anyone and any time.

Campus of Art

Art AvenueRoad to theatre, dance, and music
Forest TheatreThe forest environment theatre with unity of nature and mankind
Egret GrasslandThe grassland is the starting point of TNUA’s campus. In addition to egrets inhibit, a buffalo family also takes pleasure enjoy all the greens. It’s a rare sight of nature in this busy modern city.
Water StageEnjoy the changing of light and seasons of the lotus pond
Clock TowerThe symbol of expectation of the morning bell
Sculpture ParkCrossover of Nature and Arts

Campus Dining

A taste of Hui-Sun coffee

Open: 11:00 am ~ 10:30 pm
TNUA soft ice creamBen Yeh’s favourite sweet shop
Open:11:00 am ~10:30 pm
TNUA DiningA place for faculty members and students to dine in.
Open:11:00 am ~10:30 pm
TNUA CafeA taste of Hui-Sun coffee
Open:11:00 am ~10:30 pm
Luguo Cafe Premium coffee served in museum
Open:11:00 am ~10:30 pm
ARTS Fresh innEnjoy a cup of coffee and light meal next to grassland, appreciate the comfort, freedom, and happiness life has bring you.

Relaxation of mind and body

TNUA Arts BookshopIt is the first art bookstore created and operated by the university in Taiwan. The 4320 st.ft double-storey spacious art space is part of the creative life of TNUA’s campus.

Open:10:30 am ~ 8:00 pm
Swimming PoolIndoor heated pool surrounded by mountains
Athletic FieldAn excellent place for sports surrounded by cherry tree forest