Announcement concerning third-stage disease-prevention measures to be implemented starting May 20

Editor:Secretariat office / Date:2020-05-18

TNUA is adjusting temperature-taking measures in response to the easing of the coronavirus epidemic. At TNUA’s disease preventing meeting held on May 11, it was decided that starting from May 20, no one will be assigned to take temperatures of TNUA personnel at the two checkpoints – the school’s main entrance and the on-campus OK convenience store – that have served as screening sites. Instead, all teachers, staff, employees and students of the TNUA must take their own temperatures upon entering school buildings as a way of managing their own health. However, all TNUA personnel and visitors attending performances and activities, entering the library, or visiting the museum must observe the disease prevention measures that will remain effective as far as these premises are concerned.

TNUA will designate 20 temperature-taking checkpoints at school buildings, and administrators of these buildings will set their respective rules, and assign one to two supervisors to oversee and handle related work. The one-entrance-only control will remain in place at all buildings. Thermometers will be available and all TNUA personnel must carry their IDs when entering the buildings. If your temperature is over 37 degrees Celsius, you must notify the designated supervisors of the building.

At on-campus restaurants, all personnel must have their temperatures taken, avoid talking and observe social distancing. And please remember to put on a face mask and wash your hands as frequently as possible while staying on the school premises.