Be a part of TNUA, follow the footsteps of senior artists and outstanding peers, and create arts together under the exercise of mind and body. Fulfill your dream and goal, and take part of exploring world through arts.

TNUA is the first art university in Taiwan with excellent tutoring and completed education systems, providing 7 colleges including Music, Fine Arts, Theatre, Dance, Film and New Media, Cultural Resources, and General Education. Through our guidance and diversified learning channel, we provides students with a wealth of learning opportunities. You are welcome to enter TNUA and explore the possibilities of arts together.

  • Enter online registration

  • Choose category, enter during registration period

  • Choose category, enter during registration period

  • Choose department and group

  • Fill in personal information

  • Print out bill and complete payment

  • Print out registration form after completing payment

We provide services such as “Grade Summary Inquiry”, “Professional Subject Exam Time Selection”, and “Candidates Check In”. Prospective students are required to log in during the operation period.

Congratulation on entering TNUA! Please complete pre-entry preparation online.

In order to simplify the registration of new students, course selection, basic student information, military service, off-campus housing, accommodation registration, credit application, and medical examination, all related documents will not be mailed physically. Please download all files online, register on school website, print out necessary documents, and complete all procedures before deadline.